A History of Confrontation

Confrontation1 - A New Concept

Back in the 1990's, when Confrontation was first released by Rackham, the rules were included in every blister as a small book. There were three such books:

  1. Confrontation for the basic rules

  2. Incantation for magicians

  3. Incarnation which was a campaign system

It was at this time that I made the first unofficial English translation of these rules.

Around about 2000, the second edition of Confrontation came out. The rules were still included in the blisters as a small form booklet. Two more rule books were added to the original three.

  1. Divination for priests

  2. Fortification for war machines

Based on these updated and expanded rules, I released another version of my unofficial translation.

Confrontation 2 - Refining Gold

It was under second edition that an official English version finally came out. I gladly retired my unofficial English rules. It was a labor of love and, if given the chance, I'd probably do it again. And my friends and family will put me away for my own good.

Thanks to all the folks who helped with the translation by asking questions and playing the game. It kept me on my toes and forced me to learn a new language!

Confrontation 3 - Official English Version

With the release of the third edition, the rules for Confrontation were all collected into a single hard-back volume. However, the blisters still contained a basic quick-start set of the rules.

Dogs of War was a supplement published to expand Confrontation. It added a campaign based on bands of warriors who gain experience and abilities. It also added rules for terrain types, mega-sized creatures, and Nexus (magical terrain features).

Both sets of rules were later updated with minor changes to Confrontation 3.5. The main changes in this edition were to change the line of sight rules and change how spells and miracles were added to an army list. This expansion was not well received by long time players.

Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok - The End of the Dream

Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok was not so much a fourth edition as it was a complete rewrite of the game. Gone were the single-model skirmish rules and in their place was a regiment-sized game, closer in scale to Rag’Narok, using pre-painted plastic figures instead of metal. This edition also simplified the model cards, the combat rules, and much to my own personal chagrin, the number of armies. One of my favorites, the Dwarves of Mid-Nor, were retconned out of existence.

If the veteran players were unhappy with Confrontation 3.5, they hated the latest edition, but it was the end of the metal figures that sealed the end of Confrontation. Players who had been on board since the first and second edition began selling their figures and leaving the game behind for other systems.

Confrontation Phoenix - A New Hope

Rumors abound about a re-issue of Confrontation 3 or is it 3.5?  Go to the Dragonpaint forum for the latest news.