Confrontation was a skirmish-level fantasy miniatures game. The game pitted small forces of 5-20 models against each other in small engagements while the wars rage across Aarklash.

Unlike most miniature games that I've played, Confrontation had an involved combat resolution system. Initially we had some trouble working with it, but once we got it under our hands, it moved quickly and gave us more tactical options than just throwing a handful of d6's.

What is the current version?

There are rumors of a new edition of Confrontation, though not by Rackham. Tentatively called Confrontation: Phoenix, it is rumored to be based on 3.0/3.5. Go to the Dragonpaint forum for the latest news.

Confrontation: Age of Ragnarok was the last edition published. This was essentially Confrontation 4.0 (or Ragnarok 2.0). C4 was a radical departure from the earlier versions, no only in rules and game play, but in models (pre-painted plastic replacing metal). This version owes as much to AT-43 as it does to the earlier versions of Confrontation.

The prior edition was 3.5. This was an update of Confrontation 3.0 (the first hardback version) - it is a set of changes to the existing Confrontation rules, not a complete rewrite.

Earlier versions were not officially released in English; however, I did an unofficial translation of version 2.0.

What was Dogs of War?

Dogs of War was an expansion to Confrontation that added rules for war band advancement (a campaign system), terrain, and nexus objectives.

Confrontation was just one of the games set in the world of Aarklash - Rag'Narok , Hybrid, and Cadwallon were others.

Rag’Narok was a regimental-level game that used the same materials as Confrontation - it's really Confrontation's big brother. Where Confrontation is about two small bands of fighters skirmishing, Rag'Narok is where whole armies clash. Rag’Narok is closer to the scale of Warhammer.

Hybrid was a dungeon-crawl type game where two players take on opposing forces in the lost mutagenic laboratories of the Dirz. Hybrid uses some of the same figures as Confrontation and Rag'narok, but it has different cards.

Cadwallon was a role-playing game set in the world of Aarklash.

  1. If you’re interested, here’s a little history of the game.

  2. A copy of the Living FAQ for v 3.5 is on-line.

  3. My English translation of Confrontation 2 is once again available (for historical purposes).

  4. I am making available some of the old tournament scenarios published by NACORD in the past.